A Little About Me

Gautham has more than 14 years of experience in information technology and business development.  He has a strong people and project management ability to mobilize internal and external teams to collaborate in planning and executing time-sensitive, multi-country growth projects, new products, markets, and business models across multiple sectors. Gautham is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seahawk Yacht Charter Dubai. He has over 15 groundbreaking luxury yachts and 45 staff in Dubai Marina. On a larger scale, he focuses on yacht building and yacht repairs with his offices based in Dubai.


 “I am so pleased to have worked in yachting, I have stories for the rest of my life. The diversity of the people you meet makes it an open-minded business with various cultures interacting in a respectful and tolerant manner. It’s an adventure. It gave me an education, about myself and the people who rule the world. You cannot come out the same you went in. Yachting is an eye-opening, ultimately fun industry that demands hard work, perfection, and attention to detail.  ” 

– Gautham (GK) –